How I was made into a slave

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How I was made into a slave

I was walking down the street coming home from a friends .I was kidnap and was told to be quite.I heard a man and a woman's voice.They were talking about what they wanted to do to me and I started to cried. I was only 18 and had no idea about sex. My father kept me in and I was only aloud to talk to girls that I went to school with. When the van stopped the woman came in the back and put something over my head so I couldn't see.

Then we drove some more then I heard the door's open and shut. I felt the guy grabbing me and putting me over his shoulders and he told her to open the door. I felt like he was walking down the stairs to a basement I think? The woman took off the hood and I was told to strip so they can get better look at my young body and I started to cry. I was not used to people looking at my nude body. I wanted to tell them no but I notice the guy holding a belt in his hands and telling me if I didn't I would get it across my tits and my ass harder then I ever felt. So I did as I was told. I got undressed in front of these people.

The woman told me her name it was Kitty and told me that I should call the guy . And she asked my name and I said Krissy. Then she said for now on it will be slave. And I started to cry again.Not knowing what they will do to me or if I will ever see my friends or family? Master came over to me and asked if I ever had sex? I said no! Then he asked if I had ever been with a woman? And I said no! Then he pushed me down on to a bed and tied my legs wide apart and tied my arms above my head.And told me to do as I was told or get beat until I bleed. So I laid there not moving. I felt his and her hands all over my body.

He told Kitty to sit on my face. He told me to lick her like I was licking ice cream so I did. Then I felt her getting more wet and she was humping my face as she was cumming in my mouth and I drank all of her cum. The I felt hands on my pussy and he told me to relax. He wanted to get me off and see if I could squirt like Kitty? So he was playing with my already . He bend down and started to eat me and I started to cum but he didn't stop. He kept on eating me until I was on my 6th orgasm.And he told me that I tease good and I know how to squirt because he made me do it 2 times.

Then he forced his cock in my mouth and made me suck it. He came in my mouth and told me to swallow it so I did. I saw Kitty getting a table ready and then I saw Master get on top of the table and Kitty came and got me. She put a rope around my waist and hooked it to this pulley system. She pulled me over top of master's .His cock must of been 10 to 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. When she got me right over his cock he told her to lower me and he saw the look and hurt on my face a the head of the monster was near my hole and that's when he told he to let go and I just fell right on top of this monster and I felt like I was torn open. I saw the look on his face like he knew how this felt and he loved it. I sat on top of his cock for 2 minutes before he started to fuck me. He was causing me more pain. Then he pulled me to his chest and told Kitty to do it and I was wondering what he met by that then I felt her sticking something in my ass as he was fucking me.

Here they both were fucking me. And he told me by the end of this month I would be his forever and I was going to give him a baby and I begged him not to do this to me. But he didn't care I was his and her's for now on.So he came in me.And told Kitty to give me a bath the special one that she take's every morning. And I got not knowing what he met by that. So she put me in the tub and xnxxv sunny leone video told me to lay there and not move. And she came back with this hose and stuck one end up my ass and turned it on and I felt funny like I had to shit and it just poured out of my real forced anal against her will ass and she said this is how we get our asses clean so master can fuck us without pain and he will fuck your ass two times a day because you are new and he really like's to fuck girls in the ass to cause them pain.