Cheerleading alone with Daddys Friend

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Cheerleading alone with Daddys Friend

Bill Sullivan woke at noon that Saturday morning. As he got up he couldnt help but think about how fortunate he had been over the past few weeks. Only a month ago his boos had assigned him to a terrible job. He was sent to a small town in the mid-west to work on the construction of a new highway section. Usually it would mean months of tedious work, boredom away from the city, but as Bill found out it wasnt all that bad. he got in touch with his old high-school pal, Joe OReilly, who lived with his family just outside the town. Joe had done quite well for himself since moving out there with his wife, Dianne. He ran a successful trucking business and owned a large house with plenty of spare room so he invited Bill to stay with them while he was in the area.

He was made feel very accepted and was now feeling quite at home. As he went down the stairs he could hear one side of a conversation in the kitchen, probably Stacy on the phone, he thought. When he entered the kitchen his suspicion was confirmed. She acknowledged him with a wink and continued her conversation. Bill sat at the table and admired the beauty before him. At 18 his friends /daughter/">daughter was blossoming into a very beautiful woman. She was about 56", slim, had about 36ds, shoulder-length blondehair (always tied up in a ponytail), and a very sexy tan covering her body from head to toe. Right now she was leaning over the counter, facing away from Bill, which suited him perfectly as could admire those long silky tan legs and firm ass without getting caught. He was well used to this sight as Stacy liked to lounge around the house in nothing buthot pants and tight t-shirts. This morning though she was wearing her cheerleading uniform which consisted of a short red pleated skirt and a tight red and white top which only covered to the top of her navel, showing off her flat, tan stomach. After she put the phone down the uniform became the first topic of conversation.

"Im making pancakes if you want some", Stacy announced.
No, Im okay, Ill just have some cereal", he replied,"so whats up with the outfit?"
"Well we had practice this morning because of the big game next week....And I kept it on cos it makes me feel kinda sexy", she shyly admitted.
It sure does look sexy thought Bill but he dared not to say so to his friends little girl.

"Oh, I almost forgot, my dad said to tell you hes sorry but he wont be around for the weekend so whatever you had planned will have to be cancelled".
"Aww shit!, why wont he be around?"
"He had to go to some funeral or something upstate, one of his golfing buddies I think."
"Its looking like a boring weekend in for me so."

"Ya, im in the same situation, Mom was supposed to take me shopping in the city today."
"Well Im sure we can find something to do together Stacy." Bill knew exactly what or more correctly, who, he wanted to do. In fact, he was getting excited just talking to her. He was glad now that he was wearing baggy pants, something he was getting used to in this house as both the /mother/mother-daughter/mother-and-daughter/">mother and daughter were well able to excite any red-blooded man. As Bill reached for the cereal the sleeve of his t-shirt slipped up to his shoulder, revealing his tatoo, a celtic cross.
"Wow, thats cool Mr. Sullivan", enthused Stacy, "wasnt it sore getting it done".

"Well it was along time ago now but at the time I was actually kinda drunk so I didnt feel much pain."
"How long ago did you indian santali xvideo get it done?", Stacy asked eagerly.
"I suppose it was about the time your parents got engaged. A few of us went out to celebrate with your dad and..., Well actually I probably shouldnt tell you the rest."

"Oh do, please. Tell me about it"
"No, I couldnt your father would kill me!"
"Go on, tell me, Im very good at keeping secrets", she pleaded.
"Alright so, I couldnt say no to such a pretty face."
Stacy looked very pleased with herself and was now standing next to the table, concentrating fully on the man before her as he started his story;
"Well you see when we were younger we were a bit wild and one night shortly after your parents announced their engagement, myself, your father, and a few of the guys went out to a club. We got chatting to a few girlsand one of them took a liking to Joe. After the club we were wandering around for a while when we all decided to alain lyle porn get tatoos. I got this, a few of the guys got eagles and things but your dad was convinced by one of the girls to get her name tatooed across his ass!! Your mother nearly murdered him when she found out. Luckily for you though we all vouched for him, said there was no lady invloved and that it was all just a joke."