New Life Ch 3Shopping Fun

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New Life Ch 3Shopping Fun

I went into my room and started to look for the clothes he got me. ’/master/">master where are my clothes?’ ’On top of the shelf in the closet’ I went on the closet and took down some clothes along with a /boxing/small-box/">small box on top of it. ’Wow!’ Inside the box was a 24’ white gold chain with a big diamond cross pendant. ’You like it?’ he called from his room. ’I love it’ The clothes he got me were ok. There was a white tube top that said baby girl on the front in blue and a very short but lose white skirt. There was also a black strapless bra. I put on the clothes and the necklace, it was a bit heavy but I was used to wearing big necklaces. I went into his room and he was only wearing jeans and a t-shirt but he still looked good. ’Come ’ere baby and bend over’ I walk over to him and bent over. The skirt rose and you could see the bottom of my ass. He lifted the skirt more and smacked my ass playfully. ’Good no panties’ I stood up and hugged him ’Do I have any shoes?’ He went into his closet and brought me a pair of white high-heeled sandals and a /cute/">cute white hat. I took them and put the hat and the shoes on. ’Damn baby I just wanna fuck your little ass right now.’ I saw his cock start to grow in his pant and blushed ’and I’d love you to but we got to go, and where are we going to shop any ways.’ I patted the bulge in his pants and headed out the door he grabbed his car keys ’It’s a /surprise/">surprise’ We got into the car and we were on the road. 

On the way I fell asleep. When we finally got there he kissed my cheek ’Wake up baby we’re here’ I woke up and looked out the window ’Where is here?’ He smiled at me ’We’re downtown in the Bronx’ Oh my god nothing could hide the expression on my face I was actually going to go shopping in the perfect place to find everything that my master would love. I kissed him deeply to show my appreciation. ’Well I see you like my surprise. This was the best place I could think of to buy things to show off my baby’s boobs and booty.’ Of course the Bronx was like the best place to buy short skirts and sexy revealing shirts. 

We got out of the car and he grabbed my hand and whispered into my ears. ’Baby you gotta call me daddy and Mark for today instead of Master I don’t want anyone to get suspicious.’ With that said I ran into the nearest store and started my shopping spree. It seemed to sell bathing suits and I saw the perfect one it was white and had flames where your nipples would be and it could untie in the back. The bottom part was also white and said ’Don’t Touch’ in flames. I took it down ’Daddy can I have some money?’ he handed me a $100 and I bought it with some change to spare. We went to plenty more stores until he said that I had enough. We went back to the car and stuffed all of my bags into the back. ’Now for lingerie’ He grabbed me and carried me to this place that had a variety of /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie. We bought garters, thongs, bras, and some other very naughty and slutty stuff. We went back to the car and put that stuff in there to. ’Ok let’s go the sooner we get home I can fuck that cute little ass that I’ve seen bouncin around all day.’ I looked at his crotch and noticed he was hard and really wanted to fuck me. I thought about it for a while and decided to do him a favor ’Get in the car’ 

He got into the car and I went in after him. I unzipped his pants and down his boxers. He had a raging hard-on, which was in need of some immediate attention. I licked his balls slowly as I heard him sigh. I licked from there up to his head. I licked around the head and took his entire dick into my mouth and pumped up and down a bit and went back to the head. He groaned as I continued to lick the head. He grabbed my hair and forced me down on his cock. I gagged a bit but then got used to it. ’Oh god baby I’m going to cum’ He held my head all the way down on his cock and came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Once I was done he put his dick back in his pants. ’Better now?’ ’Much better now turn over I wanna fuck you’ I opened the car door the wwwxxx and got out ’After I buy a few different colored pairs of sunglasses’ He sighed ’How much and what colors?’ ’I think ill get 3, aquamarine, pink, and’brown in the squarish style.’

We continued to walk down the street and he was getting really horny walking behind me. He couldn’t take his eyes off my delicious ass. He felt his dick start to push against his pants and decided that he should walk next to me. From beside me he couldn’t stop looking at my boobs that bounced with each step I took. He groaned as his dick pushed against his pants even more. We went into a store and searched for a pair of sunglasses until I noticed the huge bulge in his pants. As I was trying a pair of aquamarine ones on I told him to come over and tell me how they look. He was standing behind me and I started to grind my ass against his crotch. He quietly moaned and I smiled ’Well’how do they look?’ It took him long to answer and grinded even harder into him he gasped and then moaned, ’They’ look great’ I stopped and whispered wwwxxx into his ear ’If you want me to keep going you gotta follow me’ I moved to cash register to buy the sunglasses and he stayed as close as he possibly could to me. I put them on and headed out of the store as he continued to stay near me. He whispered into my ears, ’Baby I could cum in pants right now if I wanted to. You’ve got me so horny.’ I smiled back and whispered, ’I know I can feel your dick pushing into my ass’ We continued to walk with him close behind me until he noticed a dark alley. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back of it.

’What are we doing back here? Oh I see what you want’ I asked looking around. ’Well you have been making me so hard and I really need a piece of you and the grinding ain’t helpin so come here and make your master happy’ He had already removed his pants and pushed me up against the wall. ’Oh yes /dad/dad-fuck/daddy-fuck-me/">daddy fuck me now. I want it in me.’ Since I wasn’t wearing any panties he pulled up my skirt and rammed into my pussy. My scream was moan as he kissed me deeply and started fucking my cunt roughly. I continued to moan into his mouth as he continued to ram me as hard as he could. The alley was dark but it was very easy to notice his dick pushing into my dark pussy. He broke the kiss and I wrapped my arms around his back as he nibbled my ears and thrusted into me. My nails scratched his back as I orgasmed. Short quick gasps escaped my mouth as he continued to pound into my pussy. I tried to keep quiet but a loud moan escaped my lips. ’OOOOOOOOOOO daddy cum in your slut’s /pussy/pussy-cum/">pussy cum in me deep and hard’ He thrusted into me harder as I screamed loudly. ’Oh baby I’m gonna cum with me’ He quickened his thrusts and I moaned as his cum filled my pussy. I clawed his back as I came with him kissing him hard in the mouth. He pulled out and broke the kiss. I sat on a crate and cum started to leak out my pussy. He took the opportunity and started to eat me out. ’Oh God’ was all that I could say as he dipped his tongue into my hole. He licked my pussy lips and my clit drinking me as if he was dying of thirst. I grabbed his head and pulled it closer. He licked harder as he felt my pussy clamp on his tongue. ’Yes, Yes, Yes!’ I screamed as I orgasmed on his face and he licked it up.

I bend over with my face on the crate wanting it up the ass so /bad/">bad. ’You naughty little /whore/">whore I’m the one who was horny and now you want even more, up the ass even’ I looked at him innocently as he gave in and slammed his 9’ into my ass. I screamed as I was forced harder on to the crate. He slapped my /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard ’Shut up slut you’re the one who wanted it in the ass’ he slapped my ass again as he thrusted into me. ’Harder daddy, Harder!’ He didn’t know what I wanted harder so he did everything harder he thrusted into me harder and spanked me harder. ’Oh god’ As he fucked me my fingers rubbed my clit hard as he fucked me. ’Get ready for some ass fillin cum’ He came into my ass and I came along with him. He pulled out and I stayed on the crate panting and gasping for air. 

I still wanted more, I wasn’t just done getting fucked. ’If you aren’t tired can I ride you?’ He sat down on the crate ’You can ride daddy as long as you want to baby’ I put my arms around his neck and slowly lowered myself onto him. Once it was all the way in I wasted no time and began to bounce. He grabbed my hips and helped me up and down on his pole. I kissed him and forced my tongue into his mouth. I continued to kiss him with my hands behind his head bouncing as hard as I could. I kept on slamming my pussy on to his dick as I kissed him harder and with more passion. We stopped kissing and he started to thrust his dick into my pussy as I bounced on it. I screamed as he came in me and I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. It seemed to last forever and started to leak out of my pussy onto his balls all I could say was ’Oh my god’ over and over again.

He pulled out and I sat on the crate next to him still saying ’Oh my god’. ’What wrong baby?’ I stopped saying oh my god and looked at him ’That was the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm I’ve ever had’ He smiled ’Don’t say that just yet cause they’re gonna just keep getting better and they wont all be in the alley.’ I giggled and licked all of the cum off his dick and his balls and he licked as much cum as he could get out of my pussy. We walked out of the alley and went to finish our shopping and he noticed I was walking a bit funny from our fucking in the alley.