lads night out 2

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lads night out 2

Hi its me again Jason this is a story of another wild night out with my friend Jake he is one of those keep fit types with short dark hair he has a well toned body i know this because full hd xvideo download we go to the gym quite often together, this particular day while we were in the gym together doing our weekly workout he said there was a party at another one of our friends houses Michael's that night and wanted to know if i was interested, I smiled and said course i am i am always up for a good time you know that, after about another half hour of training in the gym it was time to hit the showers we both stripped out of our gym shorts this was nothing unusual as we had seen each other naked plenty of times over the years and showered chatting about the party as we did like if there would be any decent talent there that sort of thing.

We had just got out of the shower and dressed when Michael rang Jake to ask if we were on for tonight and that the party was starting at seven he told him that he and me were well up for it and needed a good night out, later that night we arrived at Michael's the place was buzzing by the time we got there at seven thirty its good to be a bit late to a party. we saw Michael in the kitchen talking to a hot blond called Ann me and Jake introduced ourselves to her Michael said he was glad we could make it and making general chit chat as i was taking in the sight before me she had blue eyes a lovely black dress on that made he figure look more amazing she was giving me a semi just looking at this girl with perfect sized breasts trying to break free from her dress.

She had the most perfect long legs leading up to a perfectly shaped behind i could tell Jake liked the look of her to by the look in his eyes on hour in and a few drinks later Ann came up to me and Jake and asked if we liked what we had seen and if we did to meet her upstairs in ten minutes if we did, smiling as she walked away going up the stairs and disappearing into one of the rooms we both looked at each other and after a few mins we made our way upstairs to.

As we entered the room she smiled i shut the door and we made our way over to her i watched as she started to kiss Jake and rubbing his cock through his jeans his cock started to stiffen in his jeans the more she rubbed between his legs he let out little sighs of pleasure as she did this his bulge getting bigger by the second he took his top off to reveal his well toned body to her as she started to undo his belt and jeans and pulled them down, then rubbed his cock through his boxers teasing it with her tongue for a few minutes, and then pulled his big cock from the waist band and started to lick the head and shaft with her tongue and then put his balls in her mouth giving then a good suck as she wanked his cock making him gasp with pleasure.

She now took his big thick ten inch cock into her mouth slowly sucking going deeper down on him bit by bit until she had his entire length down her throat he started to /mouth/mouth-fuck/fuck-her-mouth/">fuck her mouth making her gag on his cock as he thrust harder and harder he free porn movies download eventually pulled his cock out of her mouth after ten minutes of this and said not to leave his friend out, all the time i had been watching these two i had been rubbing my cock in my sweat pants i was so horny now, she crawled over to me and pulled out my now rock hard eleven inches of cock from my pants and started to suck my cock all the way down to my balls.

as she had been doing this for a few moments Jake positioned himself behind her pulled up her dress and moved he's wet black panties to one side and started to lick her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy with his tongue making her more aroused she started to suck /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock faster driving me wild, he inserted a couple of fingers into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy as he licked her out he was now fingering and licking her pussy at the same time until she screamed with pleasure on his tongue as she came. Jake them put the head of his cock at Anne's entrance and thrust into her tight wet hole fucking her deeper and deeper till his entire length was inside her he fucked her pussy hard and fast making her gag on my cock as she was getting fucked like a slut, she was sucking my cock so good, after another ten mins or so she came again.

i laid on the bed as she straddled me and guided my cock into her now sopping wet hole ridding me as i slapped her behind and fingered her /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole she leaned forward so i could lick and bite her nipples making he hornier riding my /cock/big-cock/">big cock to the hilt i pulled my finger out of her butt and Jake positioned his cock at her butt hole and guiding it in slowly making her yelp with pleasure as he sank it in deeper and deeper swallowing his cock up her butt hole, we both started to fuck her pussy and butt in unison for about half an hour making her cum all over our cocks at least a couple of times, eventually Jake pulled his big cock out of her butt hole and came loads all over her perfect butt, she was fucking me so hard now and i came so hard deep inside her making her cum on my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock my cum dripping out of her pussy, soon after Jake dressed and left leaving us alone together and we both fell asleep till morning.

I awoke in the morning to find Anne sucking on my hardening cock she saw me open my eyes and smiled the started to lick and suck my balls to it felt so good getting a blowjob from this girl she was amazing at it.i got her into a sixty nine position and started to lick her now dampening pussy as she carried on sucking my now fully hard eleven inch /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock sucking it balls deep making me moan with pleasure as i came in her mouth, I stuck a finger in each of her holes and finger fucked her till she came on my fingers, I wanted to fuck her so bad in both her pussy and tight butt so i laid her on her side got behind her and played with her pussy as she wanked my cock to full hardness again i inserted my throbbing cock into her /sweet/">sweet pussy nice and slowly feeling her pussy walls tightening with every thrust around my cock fucking her balls deep for a good fifteen mins.

I then pulled my cock out of her pussy and inserted it into her tight waiting butt for a couple of mins making her squirm on my cock her butt was even better than her pussy i pulled my cock out of her butt and put it back into her pussy for a bit pumping her till she came on my cock, i then pulled out and slammed my cock to the hilt into her /butts/butt-fucking/">butt fucking her wildly until i couldn't take it anymore and came in her butt hole making her cum again, I slid my cock out of her butt seeing my cum dripping out of her now gaping butt hole.

Come back for more of my sexual adventures that i can not wait to share with you until then its bye from me.