My bestest buddy

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My bestest buddy

Hey this is my first story, so please don’t be mad at me for all the mistakes I have made. This is my story of my /first-time/">first time with /friend/best-friend/">best friend Nikki. We were both in 9th grade and knew everything about each other. She wasn’t /bad/">bad looking, as a matter of fact she was quite a stunner, with her long /blonde/">blonde hair and blue eyes, you could hardly miss her, but I always thought of her as a friend. Oh hi my name is Adam; I’m 14 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’6 and not a bad looker; girls classify me as ’/cute/">cute.’

I called Nikki if she would like to go for a walk. She happily said yes immediately and told me to meet her at the park. It was a beautiful night, so we took a slow stroll around the lake, talking about school and things in general. Her voice was smooth, and she has a quiet tone about her. She suddenly stopped, and said, ’Let’s get out of here’, and we slowly backed away. We walked in silence for a few minutes. I think we both didn’t know what to say. Suddenly Nikki pulled me off the trail and onto a grassy place. She kissed me, and as we were kissing, she slowly sank to blowjob porn videos the ground taking me with her. The kissing got more intense and I put my hand between her legs. She trembled, but she didn’t try to stop me as I began to unbutton her Pants.

When I slid my hand inside, she was sopping wet. I slipped my finger inside her and her body tensed for a moment, then she reached down and pulled her jeans and panties. I broke the kiss for a minute and slid my pants and boxers far enough that my cock burst out. Nikki’s hands were all over me and she quickly pulled me on top of her. 

By now I was hard as a rock as she reached down and guided me into her. Her pussy was an oven, and as I began pounding into her, it felt like she was having one continuous orgasm. She kept making high pitched noises and moaning and saying ’Adam yessss fuck me! Yes Adam I’ve wanted you in me for a long time.’ By now I felt myself getting ready, I said to her ’I’m going to pull out.’

She said, ’No, no!’ and wouldn’t let me pull out. I couldn’t wait any milf porn videos long and I filled her with what felt like a gallon of cum. She shuddered and her pussy felt like it was trying to devour my cock. I tried to lay alongside her, but she still wouldn’t let me roll off, and she said, ’Please, stay in me for a while’
I was on top of her and she was looking directly at my eyes, for the first time I noticed her big blue eyes and how it twinkled under the star light. But her look was filled with lust, and my cock immediately got hard looking at her. She could feel my cock, ’It’s still hard, didn’t you come Adam?’

’Yes, but you are very exciting.’ 

With that we continued again and we fucked for a long time and, when I got ready to come again, she came with me. It wasn’t as violent, but it was still intense.

After a while we just looked up at the stars and at the same time we started talking. We both laughed and I said, ’You first’ and she smiled and said, ’This was wonderful Adam, I’ve wanted you for a long time and it was like everything I wanted it to be. Thank you so much.’

I was in awestruck, this beautiful girl was thanking me for fucking her, I almost laughed out loud. I said, ’This was the best experience in my whole 18 years of living! No need to thank me, I would have paid you to do this!’ 

She laughed and our eyes met, she whispered, ’I love you Adam.’
Hearing that I think my heart skipped a beat, and went close to her ears and whispered, ’I love you too.’ 

She smiled and started to get up and get her clothes on, but I was still looking at her, she had a beautiful body and her ass was just so cute. I wanted to just jump on her right there but she looked at me and started to giggle as my cock started to get hard again.
’Don’t you ever get tired mister? Put your clothes on or should I dress you up huh?’ she said laughing. 

I quickly put my clothes on and we started walking back to our house when suddenly I realized I wasn’t wearing a condom! I panicked and said I didn’t have any protection on. Suddenly she cracked up laughing looking at my face which was now all white. 

She said, ’Adam, I’ve been planning about tonight ever since we met and I knew tonight I was going to have you so I’m on pills.
I was so relieved and as we got to her house she was still making fun of me for the face I made. We got to the door, and I kissed Nikki goodnight, she gave me a long hug and whispered ’Thank you!’ in my ear and went in. 

I had a smile on my face all the way back to my house. Went I went in I was still thinking about her, and then my /mom/">mom asked, ’Did you have fun at the park?’
’Yes, Mom more then you can imagine’, I said still smiling.

’Hmm you have been behaving Addy haven’t you?’ she asked suspiciously.

All I could say was ’I met the girl of my dream and she was just there all my life’ she, probably had a lot of questions but she couldn’t find the right words. So I just ran to my room and slept like a rock.