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It had been a long /trip/">trip for her and it had only been 2 hours since there last stop. Jamie sat in the passenger seat watching her boyfriend Jeremy drive. The summer air was so hot, and the air-conditioner of the piece of shit ford had never been much good. They were trying everything to stay cool. Jaime sat there in a pair of too short, cut off levis with her T-shirt thrown in the back. Jeremy paid little attention to the fact that she was in her bra. He was too busy driving and too damn hot to care. His white tank top was wet with sweat, and he was wishing a man looked as good she did in those shorts. He would smoke another cigarette, but it was even too hot for one of those. Jaime just sat there with the window down, and he knew she was watching him . She looked so sexy sitting there with her /feet/">feet on the dashboard, leaned back with that white lacy bra on. The beads stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv of sweat kept rolling down her neck, across her breasts, and falling between her clivage. And the way she looked like she didnt even give a damn, made him want her so /bad/">bad. Thank God, she wasnt watching him. If she was, she could see the his bulge and well, who knows where that might lead.

Jaime was bored and sick of driving. They had been driving all night and still had three more hours to go. She needed a break and something to do. There wasnt even a radio station picking up, so she just had the hum of the car to listen to. But, Jeremy must have noticed her, because she saw him and he was trying so hard not to let her see how she was turning him on. This could be fun she thought as she dipped her hand in her cup and placed a piece of ice on her left breast, sliding it around, letting it melt. It was so cold, and it felt nice on her hot body. She rubbed the piece of ice across her stomach, and glanced up just in time to catch Jeremy eyeing her, before letting it drop down under her worn levis. "Jaime, why do you have to fucking do that?" "Because I know it would turn you on." "Well, it does! And there is not much we can do about it on the interstate, so can you stop, please?"

Well, now Jaime felt bad because she hated being a tease. She wasnt being exactly fair. He was right, he was driving and there was nothing he could do. But...there was something she could do! Jaime leaned over and placed her hand on Jeremys shorts and gently rubbed his cock. She could feel it swelling even more and she teased it. And when she looked up at him, he gave her that smile that let her know it was good. Jeremy was just trying to focuse on the road, but what harm could she possible do? Jaime unbuttoned hit shorts and slid his cock out. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and gently stroked it up and down. Jaime could see Jeremy was trying to ignore her, and it only made her want it more. She let her hand slide down and grip his sack in her hands and she began to roll his balls in her palm. She let her head fall in his lap as her little mouth managed to wrap around him. Jeremy took a sharp breath, as she began to work her tongue around his cock. Up and down her head went, rolling her tongue around and gently licking the tip.

Jeremy was so fucking turned on, and then he saw her. Her chest was rising so quickly and he wondered just how badly she wanted it. It was getting hard to keep his mind on driving. Jaime was turning herself on thinking about how good his cock would feel. She moved her hand from him and let her two fingers find there way back to her. She let her hand rest on her jeans and began rubbing her pussy as she continued to suck Jeremy off. She wanted to feel him inside of her so bad, but this really wasnt the time. He couldnt help her, and she knew it. So, she let herself find a way to slide up her thigh and under her shorts. Her two fingers touching her her /wet/wet-clit/">wet clit. She teased herself. Rubbing her shaven pussy. Could Jeremy see her squirm? Jaime just had to keep his mind on his dick, then she wouldnt have to worry about pleasing herself. She really didnt care any more as she let her fingers plunge inside. She let out a soft moan, and Jeremy looked down.

Jaime wanted it, and Jeremy new it. But, where? He couldnt just pull ove to the side of the road. Or could he? He need a rest stop. A dirt road. Any place. He hadnt passed anything on the endless highway. In the distance he could see a watertower. He began to speed up. As he came up over the hill, he saw the drive way. It was perfect! It sat on a hill, above the road and a passing car wouldnt even notice. He whipped the car in and slammed it into park.

Jeremy shut the car off and pulled Jaime up. He lifted her head and looked at her with that smile, and Jaime smiled back, giving him the okay. He leaned foward and began to kiss her. He let his hands feel her body, as she was melting with his touch. Kissing her neck and down on her breasts, tasting the sweat. Running his tongue back up to meet her lips again. The kisses were long and hard, and they both new they wanted to fuck. But, this car would never work. It was too small. So, Jeremy opened his door and Jaime followed his lead. They meet at the front, and they embraced eachother in the sultry heat.

Jaime fell into his arms as Jeremy lifted her body up onto the hood. His hand slid down her curves, pulling off those levis. She tugged on his pants, but he just shook his head. He stepped back and took a look at her. Her french cut panties that matched her bra looked great on her perfect tan body. The curls from her face falling gently across her face, with the wind blowing across her glisening body. He watched her breast rise and fall with her breaths. This was just too easy.

Jeremy lowered his head and let his hand slide her panties to the side. His tongue pushed into the wettness as he licked her clit. Jaimes body fell back on the hot hood, squirming with desire by his touch. Why couldnt he just fuck her?

Her pussy was so wet, and Jeremy knew it wouldnt take much to make her cum. His dick was so hard, and he didnt know how much teasing he could do. Licking her lips, and gently sucking her white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie clit, filling her body with pent-up desire. He pulled back and lifted his head up. Jaime smiled and he knew that she was tired of four play.

He slid he /cock/large-cock/">large cock out of his shorts and positioned himself. Jaime slid down on the hood to meet him, trying so hard to not look like she was begging. He leaned forward and with one push shoved himself inside of her. She was so tight, and he could feel her thighs tighten around him. It didnt take long until they found a mesmorizing rythym, that filled them both with ectasy. The world around them didnt matter and they both soon forgot where they were. Jaimes body moved without control as Jeremy shoved his rod in and out of her, harder and faster. His cock filling with excitment inside of the tight, wetness. He could feel her closing around him, and when he looked up he could see she was breathless, only waiting to exhale. So, he forgot about everything else and found himself trapped inside an endless moment of pure ectasy. Feeling eachother with warmth even hotter than the sun.