My Sexy Asian Neighbor

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Sexy Asian Neighbor

100% sexy fiction!

My xxx sex video download free com name is John. Im 24, about six ft four, have brownish blond hair, peach fuzz, and blue eyes. Im good-looking according to all exes and admirers. Ive been living in this neighborhood for about two years now, its nice but since nothing big happens around here, its pretty boring. Until one day.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was walking back inside house, just getting home from my friend Joes house. I saw my neighbor Kelly standing outside banging on her door. I never really paid too much attention to her cause I dont see very often. She was either at work, home, or where ever mysterious places she goes.

She was more of a shy neighbor so we didnt say more than hey. About an hour later I noticed that Kelly was still outside sitting outside her door. Im not a complete /asshole/">asshole so I decided on seeing wats up. She said she was locked out and her cousin wouldnt be back for a while, so I decided to invite her to wait my house.

Kelly was Asian, about 5 ft 5, had dark brown eyes, long curly black hair, and an had pretty curvy body. Her breast were like B cup almost C, and for the /first-time/">first time Ive noticed she had a pretty nice plump but firm ass, and she was really /cute/">cute and innocent looking. When she took off her somewhat long jacket I noticed she was wearing a white stretch fabric tank top that hugged her skinny waist, smooth stomach, and breast.

She was wearing dark blue jeans that look as if they wear made to hug every inch of her ass and legs, and black boots. Looking at her now made me wonder why I never notice this before.

"Can I have a glass of water?" she said.
"Yeah, sure"
As I was walking back the living room she was bent over picking up her cell phone giving me a good view of her ass. I felt myself grow. She turned around walked toward me stood very close.

"You know John, I think your a pretty sexxxx video ful hd /sweet/">sweet guy for letting me wait here"
"Yeah, I guess"
"Well I think you should get a little something back"

*** To be continued...